Reputation is not a commodity.

Code of Universal Reputation

Worldwide Ethics Committee

Mevaluate proposes a set of tools and an online platform to certify reputations of natural and legal persons. The goal of this endeavour is to offer a global infrastructure for collating, sharing and verifying information about subjects, which will in turn be assessed by Mevaluate’s algorithms and ranked according to a set of criteria that define reputations.

Several advantages characterize this project, the main one being that the reputational score will be objective, it will not be based on feedbacks, comments or reviews, but rather on matter of fact. It is the assessment of the matter of fact that requires taking into account ethically-related factors. Another advantage of this project is the solution that Mevaluate offers to avoid reputation engineering, a phenomenon that has become increasingly more popular, especially with the capillary dissemination of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

The reputation of the members of the Mevaluate community is expressed using an alpha-numerical rating, composed by 3 letters and 2 numbers, each variable representing one of the five main areas of activity of the member being assessed.

Furthermore, the provision of information is designed in such a way as to be completely distributed, so that anyone can offer certified documentation with respect to her/himself and other members of the community. In this sense, Mevaluate captures the very essence of the democratic ideal, understood as individual participation to the public good and in community activities. Transparency is a key aspect of this project, insofar as it allows for its fairness.

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