Reputation is not a label on a dress.

Vision, mission & values

“Great things happen in silence”  Erik Gustaf Geijer (1783-1847)

We started from a simple observation: the world we live in is full of too many words and too few actions. Anxiously searching for recognition at all costs, individuals and companies often build their reputation (or try to destroy that of others) thanks to sheer “cosmetics recipes”, if not even to misleading marketing actions.

So far, the most important thing has been to yell louder than anyone else, raising the volume without considering objective reality, based on solid facts.

Hence Mevaluate’s idea: a quiet revolution, emphasizing the dignity and value of statements supported by documents.

In fact, these represent the only objective and measurable value.

Verba volant, scripta manent (words fly, texts remain), Romans used to say.

Mevaluate reaffirms that, and creates a place on the web where the first democratic reputation network germinates, rigorously documented and characterized by diffused public control.

Mevaluate improves interpersonal and business relationships, defending everyone (also weaker subjects) from the perils of a globalized world/market, protecting the community from criminals and incompetents, even compensating (at least partially) “victims” of damages.

Mevaluate’s revolution claims the democracy of online reputation, granting reply per tabulas (through documents), defusing the power of gossip, affirming the supremacy of objective evidence while supplying a compass to avoid mistakes made when putting our trust in just anyone.

With Mevaluate the era of ingeniously falsified positive and negative reputations ends, and a new world community is born, where the only background noise is the relentless rustling of papers.

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